Quantitative Researcher (High-Frequency)


Exciting opportunitiy at a cutting-edge stealth start-up that is at the forefront of pioneering groundbreaking projects. Currently seeking a skilled Quantitative Researcher to join our dynamic Greenfield Project team. This role offers a highly rewarding experience, allowing you to actively contribute to innovative ventures and share in the firm's success through PnL or equity participation. Firms focus lies in leveraging machine learning and distributed computing techniques to develop scalable software solutions. Operating within a culture that values openness, teamwork, and transparency, they pride themselves on maintaining a flat and transparent structure.



  • Collaborate with a dynamic team to conduct research, develop, and optimize quantitative trading strategies
  • Develop sophisticated, data-driven trading models to enhance trading performance
  • Conduct trading simulations to rigorously test and refine strategies within a risk-controlled environment
  • Create tools that streamline the research iteration process, enhancing efficiency
  • Write programs to automate the analysis of trading strategies, contributing to a more streamlined and effective workflow
  • Participate in profit-sharing through PnL and/or equity ownership, aligning your success with the firm's success
  • Lead the design, implementation, and deployment of high-frequency trading algorithms
  • Explore innovative trading ideas by writing software to analyze market data and micro-structure for discernible patterns
  • Seize opportunities for accelerated career progression and potential leadership roles in the future



  • Strong STEM background with a solid foundation for quantitative research
  • Demonstrate programming proficiency in languages such as Python and C++, showcasing versatile technical skills
  • Hands-on experience working within a 10-microsecond timeframe
  • Demonstrate experience in trading futures, showcasing your familiarity with diverse financial instruments
  • Exhibit strong analytical and problem-solving skills, essential for navigating complex challenges inherent in quantitative research
  • Showcase a self-motivated and entrepreneurial mindset, fostering innovation and independent thinking
  • Communicate effectively and collaborate seamlessly with a team, underlining excellent communication and teamwork abilities
  • Leverage a minimum of two years of experience in developing high Sharpe, latency-sensitive, software-driven (non-FPGA) FHT strategies as a Quantitative Researcher
  • Possess a robust background in mathematics and statistics, providing a solid foundation for quantitative analysis
  • Comfortable applying machine learning techniques to financial datasets, adding a cutting-edge dimension to your skill set
  • Ability to thrive in fast-paced environment



  • Equity participation in the firm's success
  • Unique opportunity to play a pivotal role in shaping a greenfield project, contributing to its innovative development
  • Benefit from hands-on trading experience facilitated by industry-leading high-frequency traders, gaining valuable insights and mentorship
  • Rapid career progression opportunities, providing a clear path for professional growth within the organization.
  • Option for remote or hybrid work to accommodate the preferences of the right candidate
  • All meals covered
  • Access to comprehensive health and dental insurance coverage



LocationNew York / Chicago

Salary$150,000 - $250,000 p/a

How to applyTo apply, please email your CV to info@quaxitas.com


I had the distinct pleasure of befriending Doug, and he easily stands out as one of the most passionate and amazing recruiters. His approach pulses with humility, interest in others, and most importantly unique insights about the industry unparalleled by others. Above all, Doug is a unifier of people who radiates kindness. He has an insatiable desire to learn about everything and anything, and selflessly help others find their perfect fit. If you have the chance of working with him please do (and attend one of his organ concerts)!

Work with Douglas has been a true honor. What really stood out to me about Doug was his attention to detail. Doug set aside time to check in with me every week, encouraged me to keep going, and gave me advice and encouragement before each interview. Doug was there for me every week during the interview process to give me feedback and reassurance, even though it lasted for several weeks. His availability despite his busy schedule made the interview process more convenient. To sum up, I am grateful for the opportunity to have met Doug, a wonderful human being. Finding someone like him is incredibly challenging, so I hope to have the opportunity to work with him again in the near future.

It has been a great experience working with Douglas this year. Doug connected me with several hedge funds and prop shops and helped me get my dream offer at my dream firm. Doug was the ideal headhunter that I was looking for! Doug worked very closely and tightly with me. This helped me with my procrastination by keeping me on the track of different interviews. Otherwise, I would have not had prepared anything before those interviews. In addition, Doug is also a nice friend to chat with. After my job hunting, we also had catchups routinely. He shared his concert video with me and it was really good. I look forward to go to his concert in person!

Douglas has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Within a short period of time he was able to introduce me to the field of quantitative finance, help me with my preparation, and land me my dream role! I can honestly say the trajectory of my life is all the better for having met and worked with him. Throughout the whole process, Doug was only ever a phone call away. Given the intensity of the process and the competitive nature of the field, having regular catchups with him made all the difference, I wouldn’t have been nearly as well off had I gone it alone or with a more “run of the mill” recruitment service. Good headhunters are (ironically) difficult to find. Rest assured that with Douglas, you have found a GREAT headhunter. I look forward to working with him again in the future!

Douglas was recommended to me as a headhunter with top tier resources and ability. I was at first very intrigued with his unique life experiences and therefore had a good first impression of him. Later this impression was confirmed by our interactions. I have had horrific experience with headhunters before. It was always clear to me that they operate with their interest as priority and would sacrifice mine when needed. Douglas surprised me by making the client's interest his priority, which showed through salary negotiation in particular. On top of all this, Douglas has very interesting personalities.

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